Research & Development Gavary Group is a research and development center equipped with a laboratory

R&D Development Center


The Center develops 40 new products a year

The R&D Center represents a synthesis of global and Russian polymer chemistry research

Effective R&D model

On the basis of the R&D Gavary Group development center, a full cycle is being developed from the idea to the finished product. As well as the development of new production technologies.

Own R&D laboratories

Own laboratories and a prototyping site to accelerate development

Attracting R&D experts

Involvement of external experts and institutions in the development process

Terms of R&D

Terms from the idea to the implementation in mass production — from 1 month


  • World experience
  • Customer request
  • R&D Development Center
  • Technology Department
  • Product
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Customer validation
  • Certification


Russia, Moscow

Headquarters of R&D Gavary Group

China, Guangzhou

Technology R&D Consultant

China, Beijing

Product R&D Consultant

South Korea, Seoul

Chemical R&D Consultant

Spain, Madrid
  • Polytechnic University
  • Consultation on products and research methods
Spain, Barcelona

Construction R&D Consultant

United Kingdom, London
  • Construction R&D Consultant
Germany, Munich

Technical University
Product and Technology Consultant

Germany, Dresden
  • Technical University
  • R&D consultant on technology and research methods
Germany, Berlin

Product and Technology R&D Consultant

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