Engineering solutions and polymer production

Moscow, Serp i Molot lane 10, Integral Business Center
100 000

sq. m of roadbed pads laid out along railway lines

5 000

blocks laid out in the Moscow subway


years of service life


km of railway tracks

up to +50

operational temperature

up to -60

operational temperature

Gavary Railway successfully implements import phaseout projects for products for track superstructure:

  • Roadbed pads

    Provide high level of track elasticity, halve the load upon the railway track , lower the rigidity of track switches.

  • Undersleeper pad

    Protects from vibrations, provides elasticity for large bridge structures, improves the quality of track geometry and reduces the costs for technical maintenance of railway tracks.

  • Vibration-damping construction for tunnels and subways

    Helps reducing the impact of vibration on subway tunnel constructions, the subway becomes quieter and trips become more comfortable for passengers.

Gavary Railways Solutions

Service life of more than 100 years

Certified quality

Adapted for Russia

High level of insulation against vibration

Domestic manufacturer

Partners and Customers

Gavary Railways

142440, Moscow region, Noginsk district, Obukhovo, Lenina street, 87

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